My jounral

may 2012

🤔future plans
in 2012 both Abby and Diva to have a litter
unfortunately Abby mating in February was unsuccessful, she was pregnant but reabsorbed her puppies during week 3 of her pregnancy, will try again next season (September) and will take her to Bowral Vet clinic for her post mating health reviews. Advised her hormones are not at a level to maintain a prenancy. 
Diva's with frozen semen also unsuccessful.
currently hoping Abby is pregnant. Hormone Blood test on Monday 17/09 and will work from there. Ultrasound attended -indicating 2 maybe 3 puppies, still have take for regular hormone blood test but all good so far.decided to book Abby for C-section due to her pass history.
Abby gave birth to 3 puppies via c-section on 2/11.
waiting for diva to come into season -stud dog has been chosen

Diva was successful with 5 puppies -3 boys and 2 girls november 2013. all sold to pet homes -2`pups to south australia.
Sunshine died at the ripe age of 16.(2013)
June 2014
the bitch I kept from Abby - Hope - show name "defy the odds", has been sucessful in the ring. She is a champion.  Hope has won x2 bitch challenge and runner-up in show at club level -september 2013 and easter 2014. Plus bitch challenge at both canberra and sydney royal. I am waiting for her to come into seaon. I plan to have a litter from her.
July 2014
Changed my mind Diva came into season first. mated to CH Teschi Hurryupnwait. i am planning to keep a boy for show.
Hope will be mated next time. no puppies


hope in season mated to  Teschi Hurryupnwait. Pups 18/03/2015 - 6 4 dogs 2 bitches.

Emma given a Bitch I kept a boy

July 1st show for babies both got group in canberra

waiting for Diva to come into season - plan to let her have pups

2016 Diva had 5 puppies in March, I have kept a girl looks good but an ear has not gone up. has done well x1 baby puppy in show.

hope planned to have a litter 2017  due about march .nil pups

has fertility and other health issues

her daughter Erza planned for 2018, Darcy about same time.

darcy to pet home due to ears not up and patella not 100%.

hope to be neutered.

Lexi -material girl litter September 2017, 5 pups.

Erza defy the odds, litter 2017 august 3 pup

abby died 2019.

magic titled and litter september 3 bo ys

odin born september 2019nbt schipperke baby pup in show all breed show

erza second litter may 2020 4 pups

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21.09 | 11:05

Had 2 silkies for 16 years, after a 12 month sabbatical thinking of beginning new chapter with 2 Australian Terriers.

20.12 | 20:42

I am looking to buy a female red tan Aussie terrier, we have recently had to put our girl down due to health reasons...
she was well-loved and now sadly missed

08.07 | 23:49

I don’t want a puppy but would love a 3-4 year old female Australian Terrier or mix - I had similar pets previously & now would love another companion

26.03 | 10:05

Just wondering if somebody could find me a female puppy at a low cost I'm a pensioner and I've been sad as my old girl past on thanku