the one and onlt

My Breeding program for 2011 was not as sucessful as I would have liked
Abby's pup died before birth
Holly's litter the boy pup died 3 hours after birth
so I got only 1 pup from my girls
I then fell and ended up with a hip replacement and missed most of the puppy growing time before she went to her forever home

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21.09 | 11:05

Had 2 silkies for 16 years, after a 12 month sabbatical thinking of beginning new chapter with 2 Australian Terriers.

20.12 | 20:42

I am looking to buy a female red tan Aussie terrier, we have recently had to put our girl down due to health reasons...
she was well-loved and now sadly missed

08.07 | 23:49

I don’t want a puppy but would love a 3-4 year old female Australian Terrier or mix - I had similar pets previously & now would love another companion

26.03 | 10:05

Just wondering if somebody could find me a female puppy at a low cost I'm a pensioner and I've been sad as my old girl past on thanku