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Are you are thinking about getting yourself a dog as a companion animal?

Before you buy any dog think are you willing to make the commitment of caring for the dog for 12-15 years? Is your home safe, do you have fences? Do you have time to give to your dog?

If the answer is yes, maybe the Australian Terrier is the Dog you’re looking for.


Description: A study lowset dog, rather long in portion to height.  The tail is no longer docked  and the ears are pricked with a strong terrier character, alertness, spirited and soundness.

Shoulder height: About 25-28 cm (10-11 inches),

Weight: 7-8 kg’s

Colour:   there are two choices - Officially 1. Blue and Tan or 2. Sandy / Red

(to the uninitiated 1. black and brown or grey and brown and 2. Sandy or solid brown).

Coat: The coat is untrimmed. The outer coat is harsh to the touch, dense and straight. Its approximate length is 6 cm. The pet dog’s coat requires weekly combing and occasional trimming around the back passage for hygiene reasons only. The show dog slightly more grooming is required and is dependent on the needs of the individual dog.

Temperament: Terriers are generally very feisty; the Australian Terrier is no exception.  Aussies love people. Although excellent watchdogs, the Aussie are not generally aggressive to people, they will bark to let the family know that there is someone at the door etc but will often greet the visitor like a long lost friend. They are affectionate and eager to please, loyal to their family and excellent dogs for children. An ideal dog for a family wit h kids as they will join in all the games and are small enoug h not to tumble the kids. Like all terriers Aussies are independent thinkers, so not always the most obedient, but some Aussie have done well at obedience.

Originally bred for control of vermin - rats and mice and snakes, many of today’s Aussie will and still do carry on this tradition.

Food: generally good eater - usually fed a mixture of good quality can and dry food. A weekly cost of about $10

Space and Exercise Requirements: It is ideally suited to t h e suburban backyard. They are able to exercise themselves in the back yard but t h ey do enjoy going for walks. Enjoy drives.

Puppy or Adult: Most people want to get a puppy, which is understandable, but an older Aussie from a breeder do make excellent pets.

Male or Female: Either sex make an excellent pet. Personal preference comes into play. My opinion is that males, if the only dog make the more affectionate pet. Better still - two dogs, one of each sex so they keep each other company while the family is out at work, school etc.

Health Problems: Aussie rarely require more t h an t h e basic h ealt h care - regular worming, vaccination etc. Pets s h ould be desexed. Problems in t h e breed are Luxating Patellas (slipping Kneecaps), H ip Dysplasia (con g enital condition causing de g eneration of t h e h ip joint), Epilepsy and some eye problems; please discuss t h is wit h t h e breeder if you h ave any concerns.



Tamara 13.08.2020 09:04


Im just wondering if your Aust Terrier is the same as a silky?

My parents have a silky and she is adorable and we are looking for the same breed or similar

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21.09 | 11:05

Had 2 silkies for 16 years, after a 12 month sabbatical thinking of beginning new chapter with 2 Australian Terriers.

20.12 | 20:42

I am looking to buy a female red tan Aussie terrier, we have recently had to put our girl down due to health reasons...
she was well-loved and now sadly missed

08.07 | 23:49

I don’t want a puppy but would love a 3-4 year old female Australian Terrier or mix - I had similar pets previously & now would love another companion

26.03 | 10:05

Just wondering if somebody could find me a female puppy at a low cost I'm a pensioner and I've been sad as my old girl past on thanku