the red litter

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In 2009 an acquaintance, Donna, had a litter of puppies. Unfortunately she did not have a prefix, thus the litter might not get registered. The puppies were good examples of the breed, and it would have been a shame if they were not registered.The Bitch was leased under my name, Donna leased the Dog and I registered the puppies under my prefix.

Every good deed has postive outcomes.
A bitch puppy - Atrigema Memnyth Joy, from this litter won Baby Puppy in Show at the Speciality Show in October 2009.
I had hoped to get a Baby Puppy in show in 2009 but with my breed
One of the boy's, Tadgh,(Atrigema Memnyth Speed)  went to England when his owners, Jane Castell  moved there and has had a Best in Show. Photo Below

what is the breed?

this is my only red litter ever
I can brag about a BiS, stating a dog with my prefix has had a BiS but it lacks impact when it is not my breed

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21.09 | 11:05

Had 2 silkies for 16 years, after a 12 month sabbatical thinking of beginning new chapter with 2 Australian Terriers.

20.12 | 20:42

I am looking to buy a female red tan Aussie terrier, we have recently had to put our girl down due to health reasons...
she was well-loved and now sadly missed

08.07 | 23:49

I don’t want a puppy but would love a 3-4 year old female Australian Terrier or mix - I had similar pets previously & now would love another companion

26.03 | 10:05

Just wondering if somebody could find me a female puppy at a low cost I'm a pensioner and I've been sad as my old girl past on thanku